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TelecomsAdvice is an ecyclopedia of telecoms and ICT applications, an introduction to the technology, a portal to further more specific information and suppliers, and a forum where business telecoms users and their advisers can exchange information and views with the companies who supply them.

Do you use telecoms or the Internet in your business?

If you are a sole trader, work in a small business or branch office, or even from your home or laptop, tell us about 

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If you work in the telecoms industry, if you are a supplier, distributor or retailer of telecoms products and services, tell us about 

Are you an expert?

We want to build a pool of regular correspondents to contribute their expertise on an on-going basis and help us answer visitors' questions through the FAQ section of the site. If you can help in this way, do get in touch!

Follow this advice when writing your ‘feature’ or ‘information sheet’

  1. TelecomsAdvice is targeted at business people and their advisers - contributions should be in a style suitable for the lay business reader and focus on the business application, costs and benefits rather than on technical details
  2. "in your face" sales pitches will not be published - ‘features’ should address business questions in a generic way, looking at all available solutions and using the contributor's products or services as examples - ‘information sheets’ can be more specific
  3. articles are linked to technical information within TelecomsAdvice and beyond - please supply a list of links to support your feature or information sheet
  4. all articles are credited to the author but may be edited by us - please supply details, with a link to the appropriate page on your company's website
  5. submit your article as an MS Word, richtext or plain text document - it will be formatted by us to match our site style.

All content on TelecomsAdvice is reviewed regularly to ensure it contains the most up to date information.

Send all comments and contributions by email.

Reviewed February 2010

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