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With some handsets you can install a variety of ring tones or logos and even ascribe them to different callers. The ring tone or logo (also called melodies, graphics or icons) can be input through the key pad, downloaded from a pc using a synchronisation link and software, or by sending through a modem where it arrives on your phone as a special text message - as it does when ordered from one of the commercial services. You generally get a choice of Listen, Save, or Discard. A variety of ring tones are available, the most popular being pop music and themes from television programmes. Graphics can be corporate, amusing or rude.

Not generally a business application - unless you are in the business of selling them or want to provide your customers with a novel gift - but just for a bit of fun you can get a ring tone or logo for your phone screen from the sites listed below. You may have to dial a premium rate number from a landline or your mobile to have the message sent to your phone - so make sure you know how much it will cost you first. Some services are by subscription so you may get a repeat monthly charge - if you want to unsubscribe text STOP to the service number. Some sites ask you to register and thereby add you to a mailing list which they may sell on - read the terms and conditions first. Make sure your phone can receive the ring tone or logo in the format it will be sent before ordering it.

Just remember that one person's amusing ring tone can be another's infuriating distraction, and witty screen art sent to others could be considered a virus if they don't know how to get rid of it.

We accept no responsibility for material downloaded from any of the companies whose websites are listed below, nor for any instances of phone rage induced by the use of them.

Read The Guardian's view at

The following sites (in no particular order) advertise an online service to deliver ring tones and melodies by SMS or similar technology - or are portals to such sites. Prices and terms are likely to change rapidly so we will not attempt to review them although some of the specialist portal sites listed may do. Please note that not all services are available for all phone makes or models.

Portals - Motorola and Sagem as well as Nokia.

Websites - for Nokia models by premium rate call - a selection of manufacturers and models - you have to register to get details - free tones for Nokia phones but you have to register for details - Nokia only - Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens - Some Nokia  models only - includes a test before you buy by credit card. - doesn't say so but looks like just Nokia - Nokia and some Sagem - Nokia - Nokia, Motorola and Sagem – Nokia

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 21/01/2011

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