Mobile Offices Using High Speed Data

by Orange

Peter Phillips heads-up a company which designs and manufacturers corporate presentation products.  Fed up with wasting a good deal of time travelling, Peter, together with a friend of his who runs a car dealership, converted a people carrier into a mobile office.

He now has a driver to transport him from client to client enabling him to do his work whilst on the move.  The office boasts two mobile phones, a laptop and a fax machine - all using Orange High Speed Data - plus a printer.

Installing Orange High Speed Data into his equipment allows Peter to send and receive voice and data calls on his mobile phone at up to three times the speed of existing circuit switched GSM networks, as well as download and upload documents on his laptop and connect to the Internet and email.  He can also receive faxes from clients and suppliers whilst travelling down the motorway so he never misses responding to urgent clients demands.

Peter discovered Orange High Speed Data through his local mobile phone shop.  Dissatisfied with the service and coverage another leading operator provided, Peter switched to Orange for his mobile phone usage.  Impressed by the speed and coverage he was suddenly experiencing, Peter grasped the wealth of opportunities that Orange High Speed Data offers, outside the mobile phone boundary.

Peter was impressed with the efficiency and convenience of working whilst travelling and so, realising the potential of offering the service to other businesses, established He converted three vehicles for hire, all equipped with Orange High Speed Data, with a view to expanding this to ten by the end of the year.  The offices include a trained driver, office equipment and fuel for the day.  Four people can work in the mobile office in comfort at any time.

He claims; "amazing feedback from my customers who have hired out the offices and we have had many repeat purchases.  The only problem I have encountered is selling the concept of the product in the first place.  However, once they have tried the service, they fully understand the benefits of working on the move and have recommended it to other businesses".

Peter is also a member of the Orange Developers' Forum and looks forward to improving the technological capabilities of his business by working with Orange.

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 21/01/2011

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