Mobile Networking Using High Speed Data Services

by Orange

Aptek Consulting is a small software consultancy, based in Poole, in the South West of England. Common to many consultancies, Aptek's team spend much of their time on the road visiting clients, but still require access to the company IT infrastructure to access critical files, work on client systems or access e-mail as part of their working day.

Through Enterprise Connection, the enterprise, research, and development division of Weymouth College, Aptek's consultants have been able to work remotely for the first time through Orange's High Speed Data Services.

Aptek Consulting specialises in development, consultancy and training for companies of all sizes, from sole traders to large blue chip clients, offering customised training packages on databases, software, the Web and operating systems.

In his role as a consultant, Ian Burton, managing director at Aptek Consulting, found that he was spending a good deal of his time out of the office visiting clients which was impinging on other areas of the business.

For example, the software engineering side of Ian's work required him to be able to remotely access clients' databases and computer systems throughout the day to work on them and update as necessary.  However, time spent away from his PC whilst out of the office meant that much of this work had to take place after normal office hours.  Ian realised that the ability to work remotely throughout the day would make a real difference to his working life.

Whatever solution Ian used, it had to provide him with guaranteed access to vital information such as client intranets or databases whilst on the move. Ian comments: "I was really struggling to keep the business running smoothly through other methods of communication and felt that the problems we were experiencing were having a detrimental effect on our client relationships and our new business potential.  I realised that what I needed was a reliable, remote link to allow me to work on the move just as well as if I was sat at my desk in the office."

In April of 2001 Ian joined the DTI's 'Technology Means Business' scheme, run by Enterprise Connection in the South West, to build up Aptek's credentials. It was during this training course that Ian first found out about Orange High Speed Data and realised that wirefree™ technology could help him maintain an efficient, effective and growing business.

Enterprise Connection is the enterprise, research, and development division of Weymouth College and acts as a testbed facility for all wireless technology that could potentially help smaller companies to work remotely. It develops EU and UK projects and commercial contracts providing advice, consultancy, resources and support in Information Communications Technology (ICT) for regional and local implementation.

Orange High Speed Data is the UK's first mobile high-speed data transmission facility, allowing users to transfer data over the Orange UK mobile network at up to three times faster than traditional circuit switched GSM networks. Orange High Speed Data also provides guaranteed bandwidth allowing critical files to be transferred securely in real time and supports the streaming of audio and video applications.

Ian comments, "The discovery of Orange High Speed Data services through Enterprise Connection has made working out of the office a practical proposition for the first time.  It has also greatly reduced the number of network problems, such as slow connection speeds that I was previously encountering."

Through his experience with Orange, Ian Burton has become somewhat of a wirefree™ evangelist: "I use the Orange High Speed Data card whenever I am out of the office on business for a variety of tasks, including accessing email and the Internet. More and more of my customers are becoming interested in this sort of technology and I have demonstrated its capabilities to almost everyone I do business with.  Clients are amazed at how quickly I can now download their databases using File Transfer Protocol, make any amends that are necessary and then have it up and running again before their very eyes!"

Enterprise Connection currently supplies around 200 technology units to date, including WAP phones and Nokia High Speed Data cards for external project use and also for internal use. Enterprise Connection uses the support of Orange to take business communications to new areas and demonstrate the benefits of wirefree™ working to new users.

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 11/07/2011

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