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by Redstone Telecom

Having a choice of telecoms operators is important in business, especially in the small business sector where cost savings are crucial. Where there is greater choice, managers can use that choice to save money.

Much has changed over the last few years in the telecoms industry and the biggest operators no longer dominate the market. More and more new operators are on the landscape, forcing prices down and quality of service up.

Many new operators offer "indirect access" connection to their networks. By simply dialling a four-digit prefix immediately before the number you want to dial, you can have your call directed over the most cost-efficient route so that you save the maximum amount of money. Normally this prefix is dialled for you using a simple plug-in "dialler", or by reprogramming your PBX if you have one. In both cases this service is usually provided free by the operator.

The benefits of this system are clear. Continuing competition between the alternative operators ensures that call charges to the business user are kept as low as possible. You are able to choose between network operators, and if you have a PBX you can decide which calls are routed over which network.

With indirect access you receive a bill for your calls from the telecom operator you have chosen, and a bill for line rental from your existing operator. In 2001 the regulatory situation in the UK changed to enable you to receive both bills from the same operator.

Many businesses are beginning to realise the benefits of shopping around for telecoms services, and it is important to remember that nowadays telecoms isn't just restricted to a simple telephone connection. There are all kinds of other telecoms services that can have a major positive impact on your business' success. It is important to know what kinds of services are available and how they could benefit your company, because even if you don't make use of them, the chances are your competitors will.

Indirect access - the benefits

See also Carrier Pre-Selection (cps).

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 21/01/2011

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