Mobile Videoconferencing & Image Transmission Using High Speed Data

by Orange

ImageBase Technology Ltd is a software development house producing, marketing and selling interactive communications and database products to public and private sector companies of all sizes across the UK.  The software relies on Orange High Speed Data to enable high quality still images, live video feeds and voice messages to be transmitted across wirefree(tm) mobile devices.

ImageBase Technology joined the Orange Developers' Forum to gain access to emerging technologies such as High Speed Data, GPRS and ultimately UMTS. Members of the Forum are able to share skills and expertise at seminars and focus groups.

The company, based in Middlesex in the UK, provides high-quality image based interactive communications and database products. Wherever images need to be exchanged, whether from a remote location back to base or between two offices on opposite sides of the world, ImageBase software allows users to exchange images and conduct basic videoconferencing over mobile devices quickly and clearly. Its products are actively used in law enforcement agencies, engineering companies and many other sectors internationally including military, petrochemicals and retail.

One of the Imagebase innovations that the Orange Developers' Forum has helped bring to market ahead of potential competition is Photophone - a tool capable of basic video conferencing and live sharing of images and text using a Nokia High Speed Data card and SIM cards.

Orange High Speed Data is the UK's first mobile high-speed data transmission facility, allowing users to transfer data over the Orange UK mobile network at up to three times faster than other UK current circuit switched GSM networks. The service provides guaranteed bandwidth allowing the streaming of audio and video applications to be transferred securely in real-time.

As a member of the Orange Developers' Forum, ImageBase Technology took advantage of early access to High Speed Data technology. As a result, Photophone is ready for market ahead of potential competition and is already being used in a wealth of applications including helping to curb the ever-prevalent problem of football hooliganism. The product allows security officers at the turnstiles of football grounds to send and receive images of trouble-makers in real-time, helping them to take action to prevent potential problems.

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 21/01/2011

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