Business efficiency from mobile communications

by Kingston inbusiness

As mobile phones become increasingly important in our business lives, Kingston inbusiness looks at the ways in which you can make your company's mobiles more efficient and cost effective.

Keeping control over the costs of company mobile phones can be a tricky business. As businesses have embraced mobile communications, many have taken advantage of special offers and now find themselves using an assortment of network service providers with different bills, handsets and tariffs. In this situation, knowing the true cost of your mobiles can involve a large accounting exercise.

Keeping track of your company mobiles can be simplified by using one network provider. This not only reduces the administrative headache, but also gives you preferential call rates, instantly reducing your costs. Using one service provider also enables you to take advantage of services that make your business more efficient.

Mobile Extension integrates your mobiles into your telephone network by effectively turning the mobiles into flexible extensions. This reduces the hassle of remembering a fixed line number for your office and a separate number for your mobile, and of course various combinations for all of your colleagues.

In a typical network configuration a company uses a Dial Plan to control the allocation of extension numbers throughout its site(s). Extending this concept, the Dial Plan can be used to allocate an extension number to each mobile phone. Therefore the network sees the mobile as a regular fixed extension.

So for example, if you are on the road and a colleague in the office wants to talk to you, they simply dial the four-digit extension assigned to your mobile phone rather than the usual 11-digit number. The mobile will be found no matter where in the world it is roaming and crucially the call will be charged at a lower rate than a standard office to mobile call. Similarly, calls can be made between company mobiles with simple extension dialling and at preferential rates. Users working away from the office can also key '0' to contact the company switchboard, as if they were in the office.

The mobile phone is an indispensible business tool, but using different network service providers is expensive and inefficient. The benefits of services such as Mobile Extension add significant weight to the argument in favour of consolidating all of a company's mobiles with one service provider. With simplified dialling and reduced call costs, you can not only make mobile working more efficient, but also save substantial amounts of money.

For more information, call Kingston inbusiness free on 0800 138 6000.

Reviewed January 2011

last updated : 21/01/2011

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