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Internet communications, websites and the law

by Crucible Multimedia

The Internet has developed rapidly as a self-regulating or even unregulated medium of communication. However, its economic potential is so great that regulation is increasingly required to ensure its continued growth. A balance between this growth potential and regulation or stagnation is a dif... >>

Marketing by telephone or fax - law and the TPS and FPS 'Preference Services'

by Telephone and Fax Preference Service

Know your obligations under the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999
The Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999 place a number of obligations on organisations that market their products and services by telephone and fax.
Marke... >>

Mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player and handheld computer theft

by Crucible Multimedia

Currently 50% of all street crime involves the theft of a mobile phone, on 30% of occasions the mobile phone is the only property stolen. A mobile phone figures in 10% of all crime. 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month in London, a quarter of these are during street crime.
The Poli... >>

Netiquette: e-mail and forum etiquette

by Crucible Multimedia

E-mail is a fairly new form of communication, but it has already developed a set of informal rules defining proper behaviour on-line. Knowing a few of the rules will stop you making social blunders, and perhaps more importantly will also ensure that the flow of e-mail does not impede your work ... >>

Network security for small businesses

by Kingston inbusiness

The very fact that you rely on Information Technology to run your business could actually put your business at risk. The media is full of computer crime stories involving hackers, viruses, industrial espionage and fraud. So what can you do to protect your business, its infrastructure and inform... >>

Non-geographic and premium rate number services

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

Non-geographic numbers were introduced so that special services could be provided at different rates to those normally charged for calls to STD geographic numbers. So, for example, businesses could advertise one number nationally which could be connected to a local service centre (depending o... >>

Registering a domain name

by Crucible Multimedia

Your domain name is your on-line identity – the electronic equivalent of the signage above a shop. Having the right identity is essential, and should be top of your action list even if you are only just starting to get connected – every business should be reserving for itself the na... >>

Storing and transferring data

by Crucible Multimedia

This information sheet looks at the basics of data storage and file transfer.  
Storing files on disk
A standard floppy disk holds 1.44 MB of data, but there are higher capacity solutions that hold around 100-200MB of data, such as Iomega Zip disks, the LS-120 and the "A Drive... >>

Update and clean mailing lists

by Kathleen Fisher,

Why lists need to be cleaned
Direct marketing is an effective tool to reach potential customers and to develop an on-going relationship with existing customers, maximizing their loyalty and value. The direct marketing industry is booming with direct mail alone generating an estimated GBP2... >>

Virus and malware protection for small businesses

by Crucible Multimedia

So-called computer viruses are mini software programs which spread from computer to computer without the permission of the authorised computer administrator. They may be harmless pranks which can be easily disabled and removed, malicious attacks designed to damage or disrupt a particular system... >>

What is a server appliance - and why do you need one?

by Equiinet

It's stating the obvious that the majority of companies rely on IT in some way - whether through stand-alone computers, a network of PCs or something more elaborate. The advent of e-business and the subsequent need to manage Internet access, security and email makes IT yet more complex to both ... >>

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