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BSG Case Studies

This is an interim publication of the list of case studies (with links to further information where available) which have been submitted as examples of  ‘broadband’ projects and applications. Some of them may not be exclusively ‘broadband’ as such but all should dis... >>

Enhancing Broadband with UMTS Universal Mobile Telephone Service

by Crucible Multimedia

The introduction of UMTS services in the UK has not been without problems. Though conceived and developed in an international environment well removed from the tech boom hysteria that drove business models and capital investments in the late 1990s, UMTS was introduced when expe... >>

Mobile Networking Using High Speed Data Services

by Orange

Aptek Consulting is a small software consultancy, based in Poole, in the South West of England. Common to many consultancies, Aptek's team spend much of their time on the road visiting clients, but still require access to the company IT infrastructure to access critical files, work on client sy... >>

Mobile Offices Using High Speed Data

by Orange

Peter Phillips heads-up a company which designs and manufacturers corporate presentation products.  Fed up with wasting a good deal of time travelling, Peter, together with a friend of his who runs a car dealership, converted a people carrier into a mobile office.
He now has a driver to t... >>

Mobile Videoconferencing & Image Transmission Using High Speed Data

by Orange

ImageBase Technology Ltd is a software development house producing, marketing and selling interactive communications and database products to public and private sector companies of all sizes across the UK.  The software relies on Orange High Speed Data to enable high quality still images, live ... >>

Video Surveillance Using Mobile High Speed Data

by Orange

Pedagog is an award-winning developer of bespoke end-to-end video solutions over mobile phone networks, pioneering the first real-time video 2G GSM solutions in 1998.
Identifying an opportunity to produce a low-cost, high-quality video surveillance system under the Safer Towns Initiative... >>

Wireless Broadband in Allegany County

by Peter Gibson, Stratex Networks

Cahners In-Stat Group estimates that approximately 19 percent of U.S. households (180 million) are not served by DSL or cable. Some of these areas are so remote that it would cost millions to bring in the necessary fiber to serve them with broadband access. Others are in the midst of rough geog... >>

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