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Aramiska broadband internet 2-way satellite service goes offline

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

Aramiska, broadband internet 2-way satellite service provider based in Holland, went offline and withdrew its services without warning on Friday 27th January 2006. 
Aramiska customers may be able to get an ADSL service if their local exchange has been enabled since they connected, ... >>

Bluetooth dongles, Blutooth hands-free kits, Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones, laptop PCs, VOIP and personal networks.

by Crucible Multimedia

Bluetooth wireless networks have a range of up to 100m, unobstructed, depending on the devices and applications in use. Bluetooth wireless connectivity can be used between: a mobile phone in a holder and a headset for hands-free in-car or other hands-free working and leisure situations... >>

Business mobile communications

by John Tyreman, Mason Communications

Mobile communications are a useful way of keeping in touch with customers and suppliers - and even your own office. But communications on the move can be much more than the mobile phone. In this information sheet we set out the main types of mobile service available, highlighting the key featur... >>

'Carrier pre-selection' (CPS) consumer guide - July 2002

by Oftel

Improving your choice
The UK has a very competitive market in telecommunications.
You may already have a choice of who supplies a phone line to your home.
If you have a BT line, you can also make calls using one of the many other phone companies. You can do this by either:
... >>

Dealing with faults in your telephone system

by Oftel

If your office telephone system develops a fault there are several steps you can take to minimise the disruption to your business.
Before problems start
If you use different providers for different telecoms services, make sure you have a clear record of which provider supplies whic... >>

Getting connected to the Internet

by Crucible Multimedia

There are several ways of connecting to the Internet, from a simple dial-up link using a standard telephone line to faster and "always on" connections using a leased line, ISDN, ADSL, ‘cable’, satellite, terrestrial fixed and mobile wireless. The faster the connection the greater its ... >>

Grants for Broadband

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

Grants are available to SMEs in several areas of the UK. Applicants should contact the organisations involved. Please let us know about any funding schemes which are not listed.
‘Rabbit’ is a joint project by several Regional Development Agencies and Devolved adminis... >>

Improving Internet connectivity with ISDN, ADSL, cable, broadband and mobile broadband

by Crucible Multimedia

Once you have been using a dial-up Internet connection for a while you may find that it is useful but the connection and download speeds are frustrating and decide it is time to upgrade.
The initial connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be faster. Once you're connected... >>

indirect access telecoms service

by Redstone Telecom

Having a choice of telecoms operators is important in business, especially in the small business sector where cost savings are crucial. Where there is greater choice, managers can use that choice to save money.
Much has changed over the last few years in the telecoms industry and the big... >>

ISDN vs. standard phone line?

by Crucible Multimedia

There is a growing choice of technologies for business telecoms and Internet provision, ranging from using a standard telephone line and dial-up Internet access to installing a leased line. Why should you consider using ISDN instead of the ordinary telephone network? 
The choice between ... >>

ISDN, ADSL, cable, broadband and mobile telecoms services availability

by Crucible Multimedia

The Oftel Small Business Task Force encourages telecoms operators to include details of service availability on their websites.
The following links are designed to help you check which services available in your area.
BT ISDN and ADSL availability check - searches for av... >>

Mobile Networking Using High Speed Data Services

by Orange

Aptek Consulting is a small software consultancy, based in Poole, in the South West of England. Common to many consultancies, Aptek's team spend much of their time on the road visiting clients, but still require access to the company IT infrastructure to access critical files, work on client sy... >>

Overview of Mobile Data Technology

by Orange

WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol, has been developed to bring Internet content to mobile phones and other wireless devices. This means that users can easily access Web-based interactive information services and applications from their mobile phones or PDAs (Personal Digital Assis... >>

textphone pbx configuration for deaf, hearing and speech impaired assistance

by Oftel

BT launched its TextDirect service in July 2001. The service offers a simple way for textphone users, and those who want to phone them, to connect to Typetalk, the text relay service. For those who haven't come across textphones before, they enable hearing-impaired users to use a phone by sendi... >>

uk residential fixed landline telephone and broadband services

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

There are many providers but BT, Kingston Communications in Hull and Vigin Media (NTL:Telewest) are the main ones with local wires or cables - most of the others use BT Wholesale lines to provide an 'indirect' service where you have to predial a code, or more often by 'CPS' (Carrier Pre-Sele... >>

Virtual locations and non-geographic telephone numbers

by Crucible Multimedia

What can you do to avoid the dislocation of communications with customers and suppliers when your business relocates and/or your telephone number changes? How can your customers contact you wherever you or they are at whatever time?
One of the least expensive but most powerful ways of g... >>

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet telephone calls

by Crucible Multimedia

The increased availability and use of broadband Internet connections has created increased interest in VoIP and Internet telephony - after all, if you have an always-on connection to the Internet for a fixed cost then telephone calls over it would be free wouldn't they? Well yes - but.... there ... >>

What is a server appliance - and why do you need one?

by Equiinet

It's stating the obvious that the majority of companies rely on IT in some way - whether through stand-alone computers, a network of PCs or something more elaborate. The advent of e-business and the subsequent need to manage Internet access, security and email makes IT yet more complex to both ... >>

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