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Broadband - a Guide for Small Businesses

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

This ‘Feature’ was the basis for the DTI’s UK Online for Business publication of the same title. See also the Broadband update information at the end of this ‘Feature’ and ‘Information Sheets’ on connectivity generally.
Why woul... >>

Buying a business telephone system

by Mike Wills, Backbone (UK) Ltd

For small businesses there are very few independent places to turn to when looking to buy a new telephone system. If you call BT, you will be recommended a BT system. If you approach a local dealer, you will more than likely be advised to buy a Panasonic, simply because this is the switch that ... >>

Choosing a business mobile phone network

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

The world of mobile communications is a confusing one - what exactly should you look for when you choose a mobile phone network?  Listed below are some of the main things you should consider.
Consult a specialist business mobile phone dealer/broker
A specialist dealer or b... >>

Office telephone and ICT network facilities

by Mike Wills, Backbone (UK) Ltd

If you are setting up your own company there are many organisations such as banks, accountants, Business Links and enterprise agencies to offer you advice on how to market your company and develop your product. But when it comes to setting yourself up with technology and equipment, people seem ... >>

Push to Talk private mobile radio (PMR)

by Colin Bryant, TelecomsAdvice

If you mainly use your mobile phone to communicate within your own workforce, a private mobile radio (PMR) system could be a cost effective solution.
The ubiquitous mobile phone, also known as cellular mobile communications, continues to soar in popularity, but cost remains a crucial fac... >>

Rural broadband connectiion

by John A Wilson, Carmarthen Online

Carmarthen Online is a website design business based in a converted cowshed adjacent to our house, known as Broadway but locally called Pwll Llacca, which probably means muddy pool but no one knows for sure. Since it is raining outside at the moment this name is probably quite appropriate, but ... >>

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